What is the procedure for buying and selling G2D shares?

To invest in our shares (G2DI33), it is necessary that you contact a broker registered at B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (former BM&FBovespa), which will be able to help you with all the necessary procedures.

Who is the depositary institution for G2D shares and what are its responsibilities?

The depositary financial institution of G2D shares is Bradesco and the service to our shareholders is performed in its branches. It is Bradesco’s role to service our shareholders for: (i) issuing statements of shareholding position; (ii) updating registration information (address, bank domicile, etc); (iii) transferring the shares; (iv) registering blockages and annotations that fall on these shares (shareholders’ agreement, pledge, usufruct, etc); (v) exercising rights (subscription, dissent, etc).

On which stock exchange are G2D BDRs traded and what is their trading code?

Our BDRs (Brazilian Depositary Receipts) are traded at the B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange), under code G2DI33.

How many shares does G2D have in total?

G2D Investments has a total of 105,279,851 Class A and B common shares.