About G2D


GP Investments has developed the G2D concept since 1992 through private equity and venture capital investments in several geographies and different industries.

We believe that the world is undergoing a digital transformation that affects everyone’s lives, forcing a thorough review of companies’ business models and practices.

We believe that the current state of technology allows everyone to dream big and undertake any endeavor, anywhere. Technology has no boundaries; it is global. For this reason, G2D invests in disruptive models in different geographies: the United States, Europe, and Brazil.

We believe that companies are endeavors whose raw material is people. However, organizations, consequently their people, need to adapt the way they operate according to technological progress. Therefore, the growing pains of high-impact entrepreneurship and the ever-increasing complexity of managing human relationships will always be present.

We believe that great global investment opportunities in tech are scarce for the majority of investors. G2D offers investors a unique option of exposure to a select group of companies that disrupt their markets through tech while experiencing accelerated growth. Moreover, our carefully crafted investment thesis offers a diversification of currencies, geographies, and industries through a vehicle that also brings liquidity and a public-traded governance structure.

We believe that the best risk/return on investment equation for fast-growing companies comes after the early-stage startup phase but before an IPO.

We believe that GP Investments has formed a unique capacity to support entrepreneurs in the last three decades, working on both Venture Capital and Private Equity industries and with the experience of leading more than 30 IPOs and follow-ons.

G2D leverages this experience by providing tangible support to founders, especially in the most challenging moments of their journey.

Our Heritage

The G2D embryo was born 20 years ago. At this time, GP Investments was a leading player in Venture Capital, investing in relevant startups that formed the internet infrastructure that we know today in Brazil.

In our tech portfolio, iconic Brazilian Internet companies emerged, such as Submarino, Webmotors, iG, and Patagon.

During the same period, GP Investments supported Endeavor Brasil’s creation in its own office, offering not only infrastructure but mainly business connections and mentoring to entrepreneurs. Since then, Endeavor has disseminated the concept of high-impact and opportunity entrepreneurship, becoming a reference in Brazil.

Six years ago, the concept of G2D began to take concrete form when GP Investments developed its new Tech investment strategy, taking into account all the lessons learned over the past few decades. Bottlenecks present in the first wave of the internet no longer existed.

With a global vision and focus on technology, we decided to seek investment opportunities in Brazil, incubate an independent Venture Capital manager in Silicon Valley, and create a permanent capital vehicle in London to invest in disruptive consumer brands (CPG) in the United States and Europe.

G2D is a permanent capital vehicle that allows its shareholders to invest in innovative companies that use technology to write the future. G2D is a unique way to participate in a moment of rupture in living and doing business globally.